Portable Cassette Player iPhone Case
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Portable Cassette Player iPhone Case

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Despite being a child of the 1980s, I never owned a Sony Walkman Cassette Player.  This isn’t to say that I didn’t love music.  I would spend hours in front of my small boombox, waiting to record hits from the likes of Poison, Cheap Trick, Bad Company, Scorpions, Madonna, Belinda Carlisle and countless other ‘80s artists.  I would subsequently wear out my tapes from listening to my favorites over and over, as I’m sure most people who grew up during the days of recordable audio cassette players can relate to.  This Sony Walkman Sports iPhone case displays the popular 1980s portable music player that was marketed as the perfect workout companion.  Sure, it couldn’t spot you on the weight bench or fetch your rebounds on the basketball court, but it could fill your ears with the motivation to do more reps and sink more baskets.  Outfit your phone with this Cassette Player iPhone case for a retro look that will have everyone around you checking to make sure they are still in the 21st Century.

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