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Ball of Fire

Ball of Fire

Designed by punksthetic and discovered at Shirt Punch.
Shirt Punch Review | Vitals:
Updates: Daily at 12am EST
Genres: Pop-Culture, Movies, Music, Games, TV
Prints On: Alstyle and American Apparel (100% ring spun cotton)  Printing Method: Screen
Pays Artists: $1 Per Sale
Founded: 2011 Price at Launch: $10  Current Price: $10
Shirt Punch Site Review | Summary:

On August 8, 2012, Shirt Punch debuted a web site redesign that they proudly referred to as Shirt Punch 2.0. The most noticeable change to their site is that they are now offering two daily t-shirts to choose from instead of one. This page showcases the second of these two tees. If you’re looking for the other design, plus our main Shirt Punch web site review, visit Today’s Shirt Punch Deal #1 page. At the moment, all eyes are on ShirtPunch (at least ours are anyway) to see if they can maintain their new two-shirts-a-day-format. It’s a significant step for sites of this type, one that no one else has tried on a daily basis (not including sites like Shirt Fight that are now defunct, which pitted two tee designs against each other).
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Shirt Punch