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World's Okayest Boyfriend

World's Okayest Boyfriend

Designed by Textual Tees and discovered at Textual Tees.
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Textual Tees Review | Vitals:
Updates: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Genres: TV, Movies, Games, Geek
Prints On: 100% cotton  Printing Method: Screen
Founded: 2009
Price at Launch: $9.95
Current Price: $9.95
Textual Tees Site Review | Summary:

In the tradition of sites like FiveFingerTees and 6 Dollar Shirts, Textual Tees offers highly affordable t-shirts that feature designs based around TV shows, movies and popular culture. Their prices are better than the majority of limited edition daily t-shirt sites, with most shirts selling for around $9.95 (women's shirts are a few dollars more, sorry ladies). Textual Tees is able to keep their costs down since their designs are done in-house. One of the most impressive aspects of their site is that they don't overcharge for shipping. They have a shipping calculator that determines shipping rates based on your US state and zip code. I wish more companies did this instead of trying to recoup revenue by overcharging for shipping. Textual Tees also offers a random daily deal shirt that is also definitely worth checking out.
Textual Tees
Textual Tees
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