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Let's Getaway

Let's Getaway

Designed by Hillary White and discovered at Woot!.
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Shirt.Woot Review | Vitals:
Updates: Daily at 1am EST
Genres: Movies, Books, Games, TV
Prints On: Anvil (100% cotton)  Printing Method: Screen
Pays Artists: $1,000 on First Day Plus $2 for Subsequent Sales after Date Featured
Founded: 2007 Price at Launch: $10  Current Price: $12
Shirt.Woot Site Review | Summary:

As most people know, Shirt.Woot is part of the larger Woot site that features more than just the t-shirt Woot of the day, selling everything from wine to household goods (see Wine.Woot and Home.Woot). The original Woot web site launched in 2004, with its Shirt.Woot subdomian debuting in July 2007. When it comes to the concept of featuring one shirt at a discounted price each day, Woot is considered to be the pioneer. Most other daily deal apparel sites have been modeled after or were in some way inspired by them. Following a design’s debut as part of the shirt Woot of the day, it may then be made available at a slightly higher price ($15) in a section called “The Reckoning”, where the bestselling 20-30 designs end up. The Reckoning is a great place to see the best of what Woot has to offer, in addition to getting a feel for the types of designs they feature. Typical designs found on the web site involve everything from Cookie Monster, Zelda and Star Wars to cats, Where’s Waldo and Edgar Allen Poe. Their switch from American Apparel to Anvil Knitwear has created some controversy, especially after a 20% price increase in January 2012 (the switch to imported garments had originally been done to keep prices the same). However, an upside is that with Anvil there are now more flattering garment options for women.
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