The Tardis Zone T-Shirt

The Tardis Zone T-Shirt

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Like the often strange circumstances that the characters encounter in the TV show The Twilight Zone, Doctor Who‘s cast of characters often find themselves in equally wacky and bizarre situations.  This Doctor Who Twilight Zone t-shirt parodies the familiar logo for Rod Serling’s science fiction television anthology series.  It displays the Doctor’s police call box time machine floating through the twilight of space behind the title “The Tardis Zone”.  The shirt is ideal for fans of both shows.  It’s also fitting given that the Twilight Zone touched on time travel at times as well.  For example, the 1958 episode “The Time Element” found the main character having recurring dreams where he tries to warn people about Japan’s sneak attack on Pearl Harbor.  He describes his dreams to a psychiatrist and after having the same dream when he falls asleep in the psychiatrist’s office, his body disappears and the psychiatrist later discovers that he had been a soldier who actually died at Pearl Harbor.

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