Harry Tuttle Brazil Movie T-Shirt

Harry Tuttle Brazil Movie T-Shirt

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I’ve always been a fan of Director (and former Monty Python member) Terry Gilliam’s 1985 movie Brazil, ever since I first saw the film in the late 1990s.  Part black comedy, part sci-fi fantasy, the film tells the story of Sam Lawry (Jonathan Price), a low level government employee who daydreams of saving a beautiful maiden whom he has never met.  This Harry Tuttle t-shirt features the movie’s outlaw heating engineer portrayed by Robert De Niro.  Due to a paperwork error caused by a fly getting caught in a printer, an innocent Mr. Archibald Buttle is arrested and dies during his interrogation, allowing Archibald “Harry” Tuttle to remain uncaught.  Sam visits Archibald Buttle’s widow and recognizes the woman from his daydreams, who lives in the apartment upstairs.  This inspires him to try and escape the oppressive 1984-like government, so he and the woman of his dreams can be truly happy and free.  This Brazil Movie shirt is a tribute to one of Gilliam’s most memorable characters, Harry Tuttle, who gives Sam hope that the bureaucracy can be defeated.

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