Reading is Sexy Gilmore Girls t-shirt

Reading is Sexy Gilmore Girls t-shirt

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Prior to the age of television and movies, reading and the theater were the primary ways of conveying a story to a large scale audience.  “A good book was the best of friends,” to quote 19th century poet Martin Farquhar Tupper.  It was a time when porcelain skin was desirable and reading was definitely sexy.  Sometimes I wonder what happened since then.  Sure, we can read on the internet, as you are doing right now, but as technology advances people seem more apt to pop in a movie or play a videogame (they have storylines too) than to get their stories from within the pages of a novel.  Perhaps that’s what caught my attention when I saw this Gilmore Girls Reading is Sexy t-shirt that Rory was wearing during an episode of the TV show.

Gilmore Girls is a TV drama that tells the story of three women, an academic-minded teenager named Rory (Alexis Bledel), her witty, free-spirited mother Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and the usually haughty, snobbish grandmother Emily (Kelly Bishop), all living in or near Stars Hollow, a small, close-knit fictional Connecticut town.  The show does not hesitate to promote Rory as an intellectual, with several references made to her Mensa affiliation and her strong writing ability. She eventually even serves as editor of the Yale Daily News.

Rory’s love for reading and books is obviously no secret either.  She spends one summer working at Black, White and Read Bookshop, joking that she would undoubtedly end up spending more than she earned.  She dates the Holden Caufield-esque Jess Mariano (Milo Ventimiglia), who eventually writes his own novel and works at a small publishing house.  Perhaps the most convincing evidence supporting Rory Gilmore’s love of the written word is this Reading is Sexy tee that we see her wearing in the college cafeteria.

With very few teenage dramas willing to put intelligence front and center, Gilmore Girls provided a refreshing change from the norm.  Instilling these qualities in the characters provided younger viewers with a valuable perspective on being smart; that it is not a disease but instead something positive and attractive to aspire to.  Promote this message with this Gilmore Girls Reading is Sexy shirt that literally allows you to wear your intelligence on your sleeve.

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