Back to the Future Replica Hoverboard Full-Scale Prop

Back to the Future Replica Hoverboard Full-Scale Prop 1:1
Back to the Future
Back to the Future
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For years I kept my eye out for an authentic looking Back to the Future hoverboard 1:1 replica. There was a limited edition Comic-Con hoverboard that was selling for several hundred dollars, but it reportedly had its flaws and was hardly accessible to most fans. Then I stumbled upon this officially licensed hoverboard replica that looked well made with plenty of detail. Such details include the "hover" plates on the bottom; sticker decals on the top, sides and bottom; Velcro grips and a Velcro foot strap; and a sturdy shipping box with similar attention to detail. The full-scale hoverboard is made from sturdy molded plastic. I can easily stand on it without any fear of it cracking. With a trick or two, I was even able to rather easily make it look like it was hovering. Just be careful not to fall over in the process. If your looking for a quality hoverboard prop, this will fulfill your costume needs and make an excellent '80s conversation piece.

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