Beauty Contest Monopoly t-shirt

Beauty Contest Monopoly t-shirt
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This Beauty Contest Monopoly shirt is bound to stir up memories for everyone. Whether you had family game nights as a child or still do, this Parker Brothers board game is a classic. It was patented in 1935 by Charles Darrow and is said to be the most played board game in the world. Although you can't determine the roll of the dice, your strategy can make all the difference. Some people like to build up Park Place and Boardwalk with hotels, while others like to collect all the railroads. Whatever your method is, it is fun.

The game Monopoly comes with plenty of money, property deeds and lots of pieces to pick from, including the thimble, boot, iron, top hat, wheelbarrow, Scottie dog and more. The basic game is modeled after Atlantic City and its surrounding areas. It also comes in a variety of themes based on bands, television shows, movies and cities. Aside from properties, railroads and utilities, you may also land on chance or community chest spaces. This Monopoly t-shirt features the mustached Mr. Monopoly and the fortune, "I won second prize in a beauty contest and collected $10," from one of these community chest cards. This is definitely one of the better cards to get. On certain cards, you get sent directly to jail without passing go. Make some of your own luck by getting this Beauty Contest Monopoly tee today. It is a winner.

Don’t forget to collect $200 as you pass go!

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