Home Improvement Binford Tools tee

Home Improvement Binford Tools tee
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Have you ever thought you could fix something but instead ended up ruining it?  If you have, you are probably a fan of the nineties TV show Home Improvement.  This Binford Tools t-shirt will remind people of the classic family show as well as their own handyman mishaps.  This navy Binford Tools tee will have your heart pounding as if you just got electrocuted like the Tool Man Tim Taylor.

Comedian Tim Allen starred on the television show as a clumsy handyman with his own home improvement show.  Paired with his pal Al Borland (Richard Karn), Tim the Tool Man Taylor injures himself and breaks things during every simple project.  His wife Jill (Patricia Richardson) is typically exasperated by his accident prone nature but his three sons, Randy (Jonathan Taylor Thomas), Brad (Zachery Ty Bryan) and Mark (Taran Noah Smith), find it entertaining.  We have to agree with them, but that’s only because he didn’t blow up our dishwasher or break every window in our house.

This Home Improvement t-shirt features Tim Taylor's tool preferences for all his endeavors.  There is no mistaking that Binford Tools is his favorite but it might just be because they were endorsing his show.  Either way, this Binford Tools shirt would make a great addition to your collection and we think Wilson would agree.  Oh ho ho.

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