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The recent news that Fox has renewed the Bob's Burgers TV show for another season makes this Bob's Burgers t-shirt even more appetizing.  The show follows Robert “Bob” Belcher, a hardworking father who runs his own burger joint.  Bob makes great burgers but he is a poor businessman.  It doesn’t help that he has greasy counters, at times offers shoddy service, and has a lousy location next to a crematorium.  Despite all of this, he and his eccentric yet endearing family believe that their burgers will lead them to prosperity.  Like its predecessors, the Bob's Burgers cartoon focuses on family.  However, the TV show’s creator, Loren Bouchard, said that he also wanted to experiment with workplace comedy.  If you find yourself filling up on humor with each new episode, then this Bob's Burgers t-shirt is the perfect tribute to the cartoon and its greasy but lovable family.

The front of this Bob's Burgers tee features the father of the hardworking cartoon family that toils through the sweat and the grease just to make ends meet.  In addition to Bob, the patriarch of the family, there is his wife Linda who stands by her husband's side no matter how frustrated she gets with him at times; their eldest daughter Tina, a socially awkward teenager who wears glasses; their son Gene, an aspiring musician who plays the keyboard and often dresses up in the Bob's Burger costume; and their youngest daughter Louise, an incredibly smart 9-year-old who likes to play pranks on people she doesn’t like.  Celebrate the cast that serves up grade A patties and laughs with this Bob's Burgers t-shirt.  It will even look great with ketchup and grease stains!

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