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This past holiday season I decided to make a batch of chocolate candy using a bag of wafers and a seashell-themed molding tray.  By the end of the process, I had made a mess but had also produced good looking (and tasting) candy.  The trick is to master the melting process.  I did ten to fifteen second intervals in the microwave, stirring between each one.  The experience in part inspired me to post this equally tantalizing Chocolate Bar iPhone Case.

As most people know, chocolate comes from the beans of the Cacao tree.  These beans were once a major form of currency in Mesoamerican civilizations.  In certain regions, there use as currency continued up until as late as the 1840s.  Modern day civilizations are much more familiar with the beans in their fermented and ground from known as chocolate.  It is most commonly available in milk, dark and white varieties.  Sound familiar?  Whether you believe it has seductive powers or you just love the taste, this Chocolate Candy Bar iPhone Cover will put everyone around you in the mood for something sweet.  Don’t worry, this chocolate case won’t melt in your hand.


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