Cornetto Trilogy T-Shirt

Cornetto Trilogy T-Shirt

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Fans of director Edgar Wright’s collaborations with actors Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are well aware of the common thread that has been weaved into each film.  In addition to Wright using the same two actors in his movies, he also features a different flavor of Cornetto ice cream in each film.  This Cornetto Trilogy shirt displays three color-coded images that represent the specific flavor of Cornetto ice cream used in each film.  In Shaun of the Dead we see Ed (Nick Frost) attempt to cure his hangover with a strawberry-flavored Cornetto, which represents the movie’s gory nature.  In Hot Fuzz, Butterman (Nick Frost) asks Angel (Simon Pegg) if he wants anything from the shop.  Angel replies, “Cornetto.”  We then see them both eating a blue Cornetto, signifying the police element of the film.  The World’s End features the green mint chocolate chip Cornetto to represent aliens and science fiction.  Wear this Cornetto t-shirt as you enjoy the movies while eating your own favorite flavor.

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