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Cat Got Your Soul?

Cat Got Your Soul?

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BustedTees Review | Vitals:
Updates: Every 1-2 Weekdays at 11am EST
Genres: Humor, Games, Sports, Movies, Music, TV
Prints On: Alternative Apparel (100% Fine Jersey cotton)
Printing Method: Screen
Founded: 2004
BustedTees Site Review | Summary:

The BustedTees discount of the day is just one feature on the popular novelty t-shirt site. If you haven’t heard of the company, then it can probably also be assumed that either this is your first time on the internet or you’re decades beyond “college age”. BustedTees was started by the founders of CollegeHumor.com, the enormously popular web site that features funny videos, pictures and articles related to college life. They were looking for an additional revenue stream other than ads and novelty t-shirts seemed like they would be the perfect pairing, given the target audience. Peruse BustedTees a bit and you’ll find shirts related to things like The Simpsons, Pac Man, The Office and Seinfeld, not to mention plenty of funny designs as well. It should be noted that the daily BustedTees discount is not always a t-shirt. At times, they’ll rotate in one of their other novelty products, such as Bucky Balls, Beardo Hats or their iPhone case equipped with a bottle opener. Their tees are not chosen from user submissions, but are rather designed by an in-house graphic designer based on the ideas of the employees and the writers of CollegeHumor.com.
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