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Upon The Citrus Lump

Upon The Citrus Lump

Designed by Kevin Fagaragan and discovered at The Yetee.
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The Yetee Review | Vitals:
Updates: Every Weekday and Once on Weekends at 1am EST
Genres: Games, Movies, TV, Pop Culture
Prints On: Gildan 64000 for mens and Tultex 213 for ladies (both are 100% ring spun cotton)
Printing Method: Screen
Pays Artists: $1.50 Per Sale + a Free Shirt of their Design
Founded: 2011 Price at Launch: $11  Current Price: $12
The Yetee Site Review | Summary:

Use our daily t-shirt tracker to follow The Yetee's 2nd daily t-shirt (note: they only post once on weekends). If you missed their other design for today, you can check it out here. In early 2013, The Yetee began offering two shirts at a time instead of one. Sometimes this has included the same design in different colors and at other times it has meant two different designs that follow a similar theme. On the day of this review, for example, the two shirts being offered feature the 10th and 11th Doctors from the popular British Doctor Who television show. Since our first review of their site, The Yetee has added an area called YeteeMart where they restock and sell some of their old featured daily t-shirts.
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