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Supremely Cheaper Tshirt

Supremely Cheaper Tshirt

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TShirt Laundry Review | Vitals:
Updates: Tuesdays at 10am EST
Genres: Humor, Movies, TV, Games
Prints On: Gildan Soft Style (100% Cotton)
Printing Method: Screen
Founded: 2010 Price at Launch: $14  Current Price: $14
TShirt Laundry Site Review | Summary:

TShirt Laundry follows a similar strategy as Snorg Tees. Three new t-shirts are introduced weekly at a discounted price. However, where Snorg Tees focuses more on humor, TShirt Laundry puts a bit more effort into creating appealing movie, TV and video game related tees. There shirt themes encompass everything from movies like Star Wars and Back to the Future to video games like Super Mario and Assassin's Creed. Another unique aspect of TShirt Laundry is that you can buy t-shirt gift packs that include three shirts of a particular theme. Each gift pack is $40 (roughly $13 per shirt). Example gift packs include Seinfeld, Dr. Who, Firefly and Game of Thrones. While some of their t-shirts aren't as clean and well-designed as Snorg's, others are just as good and more than worthy of your closet space. Check out the other new Tshirt Laundry releases below.
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