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The motivation to post this Domino iPhone case arose more from the fact that it works extremely well with the shape and color of the phone (provided your phone is black), rather than having any sort of appreciation for the gaming pieces themselves.  To be honest, I can’t recall ever playing any games with dominoes, other than standing them on end in a long path to watch them topple over.  Using them for this purpose is what gave way to the term “the domino effect”, which symbolizes small events causing a chain reaction that leads to a catastrophic conclusion.

The domino has actually been around for centuries, existing as part of a set of collective gaming pieces.  In the past, they were commonly made of either ivory, bone, hardwood or various types of stone, including marble and soapstone.  Today, dominoes are more commonly made from synthetic materials that include various types of plastics and resins.  They can be used to play many different games and have even been used to settle disputes over land boundaries.  Whether you just like the slick appearance of this Domino iPhone cover, or you are an actual fan of dominoes, this case is a fun option.  You could even have your friends and family buy the case too.  That way you could line them up and watch them topple.  Perhaps you should remove your iPhones first though.


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