The Great Outdoors Old 96er t-shirt

The Great Outdoors Old 96er t-shirt
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John Candy movies have been running a lot on television recently, which reminded me of how much I love the eighties movie The Great Outdoors.  If the first scene that pops into your mind when I mention that title is John Candy trying to choke down a massive steak, then this Great Outdoors Old 96er t-shirt is for you.

The story centers on the Ripley family who go to the lake for a nice relaxing vacation, only to be interrupted and upstaged by their uninvited in-laws.  It doesn’t take long before Chet (John Candy), his wife Connie and their two sons Buck and Ben find themselves at odds with Roman Craig (Dan Aykroyd), his wife Kate (Annette Bening) and their twin daughters Mara and Cara.  Whether they are fighting over what type of boat to rent, how to wrinkle newspaper to start a fire or what to grill for dinner, they don’t get along until a trip to Paul Bunyan’s Cupboard restaurant one night.  Roman inquires about the Old 96er and is informed that it is “a 96 ounce prime-aged beef steak” which if consumed in it’s entirely lands them all a free meal.  Chet decides to take the challenge and manages to stuff it all down, or so he thinks.  He is then confronted with a pile of fat and gristle, which he finds out he is required to consume.  Not only does he do it, he also gets a dessert down, earning them some free hats.  If you want one of those hats or a Great Outdoors Old 96er shirt then you’ve come to the right place.  This design is featured on the bib Chet is wearing when he leaves the restaurant.  Get your tee today (without forcing down a massive steak)!

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