I Put Ketchup on My Ketchup Heinz tee

I Put Ketchup on My Ketchup Heinz tee
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There are people who like ketchup and people who love ketchup.  I fall into the latter category; I love ketchup but not just any ketchup, Heinz ketchup.  I grew up on it and there is no replacing it.  You can’t fool me.  This I Put Ketchup on My Ketchup t-shirt is for anyone who also has strong feelings for this classic condiment.

The H.J. Heinz Company was founded in 1869 and has been based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania since 1890.  While the company is known for many food products, including relish, mustard, pickles and baked beans, it is best known for ketchup.  Heinz sells an estimated 650 million bottles and 11 billion packets of their ketchup every year.  Aside from their condiments, you may also think of their "57 varieties" slogan as well.  Although its meaning seems obvious, it isn't.  At the time it was enacted, the company was already making 60 products.  The "57" originated with the founder himself, who believed it was a lucky number.

This Heinz tee will make any ketchup eater smile.  Whether you enjoy the condiment on typical items like burgers, fries and chicken nuggets, or on unusual items like carrots, macaroni and corn flakes, this I Put Ketchup on My Ketchup t-shirt is a great addition to your collection.

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