Lone Wolf and Cub T-Shirt

Lone Wolf and Cub T-Shirt

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Published by Dark Horse Comics in the U.S., the manga Lone Wolf and Cub follows the adventures of warrior Ogami Itto and his infant son Daigoro as they wander the land seeking vengeance on the Ura-Yagyu clan for the murder of Itto’s wife and the members of their household.  Itto had served as the Shogun’s executioner until planted evidence was discovered during his family’s murder trial that made it appear as if Itto had been praying for the Shogun’s (his boss’) death.  Disgraced and labeled a traitor, Itto had to foreit his position, instead becoming an assassin for hire with the goal of seeking revenge on the clan responsible for his family’s murders.  This Lone Wolf and Cub t-shirt displays a Calvin and Hobbes inspired design that features Ogami Itto riding with his cub.  An interesting side note, well-known comic book artist and writer Frank Miller drew the cover art for the English language version of the popular Japanese Lone Wolf and Cub comic.

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